Watch water resistance test

    Watch water resistance is strictly tested as per the various points of standards ISO 22810 or ISO 6425. Other tests are also applicable. Water...+++

    Accidental shock tests

    The wearer can sometimes drop their watch out of clumsiness. When it hits the ground, the watch will sustain an extremely violent impact, of up to...+++

    REACH & RoHS analyses, allergens and toxic substances

    The entry into force of REACH in 2007 led us to develop our resources and skills in compliance analyses. We have subdivided our analysis range into...+++

    Nickel release test

    It is estimated that 10 to 20% of women and 1-3 % of men suffer from a nickel contact allergy. It is important to highlight that it is not the...+++

    Watch-functions ageing cycles

    The reliability of a product is generally determined by applying accelerated operating cycles, providing optimum reproduction of real conditions of...+++

    Climate and corrosion tests

    Based mainly on watchmaking standard NIHS 96-50, these tests can be adapted to various metal items from the jewellery or leather goods...+++

    Wear, scratch and impact resistance tests

    Degradation of the visual aspect of a watch or jewel when worn is an essential perceived quality factor for the consumer. Surface alterations of...+++

    Legal monitoring

    In recent years, a host of legislation (REACH, RoHS, etc.) has emerged, with the aim of preventing or restricting use of molecules harmful to...+++

    Monitoring of industrial standards

    As an active participant in watchmaking standardisation, Laboratoire Dubois now offers a quarterly monitoring newsletter. We monitor on your behalf...+++

    Watchmaking development support

    Thanks to the experience of its employees and the cross-discipline expertise of its departments, Laboratoire Dubois is able to support its customers...+++

    Surface tension, surface finish and contamination

    The cleanliness of a surface is a key parameter in various industrial processes. It can be characterised by measuring the contact angle of a...+++

    Chronofiable® ageing tests

    Developed in the late 1970s by the Reliability Test Centre of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry Federation (FH), the...+++

    Multiples indirect shock tests

    On the wrist, the watch is subjected to frequent accelerations and numerous impacts of all levels of intensity. These mechanical stresses affect the...+++

    Wristlet and clasp tests

    The reliability of wristlets and clasps is carefully inspected by a combination of several mechanical and climatic tests. For any type of wristlet,...+++