Watchmaking development support

Thanks to the experience of its employees and the cross-discipline expertise of its departments, Laboratoire Dubois is able to support its customers in their development, getting involved at a very early stage to help in their decision making, naturally in a framework of complete confidentiality.

In the development stage, the engineers are very often presented with different variants: they then have to select the best one. To do so, although increasingly frequent use is made of simulations, real measurements and ageing often remain vital.

They are used for example to calibrate the simulations, without which they have little value, to verify the anticipated results in practice, etc.

Thus we can :

  • Test the performance and characteristics of an isolated component, a sub-assembly, etc.
  • Apply mechanical, climatic or other types of ageing to these components, and monitor induced changes 
  • Advise our contacts in terms of materials, tribology, etc.