In 1977, French-speaking Switzerland had no independent analysis centre in the fields of electroplating and metallography. Henri Dubois, realising the need among local companies for expertise in both fields, decided to open his own laboratory. In 1978 chemical analyses as well as corrosion and wear test were added.  

The company moved in 1980 in the current premises. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry discontinued CCF (Reliability Test Centre) in 1985. Realising how complementary this company was to his own, Henri Dubois did not hesitate to take it over. Now the laboratory could offer the best watch operating performance tests, as well as a wide range of other tests.

The watchmaking part was further strengthened in 1992 with the takeover of CTM (watch technical testing), a State company which was closing. This development led to the concentration of typically watch-related activities within a new company, "Chronofiable" founded in 1993, ten years later incorporated into the legal entity Laboratoire Dubois SA. Many evolutions took place over the years, such as the development of the leathers and polymers department as well as the monitoring of international regulations based on a monthly newsletter available by subscription.

In 2014, Henri Dubois obtained the Prix Gaïa in the category «Entrepreneurial Spirit». This reward deserves many decades of continuous engagement serving the industry. This same year, Laboratoire Dubois received the accreditation for the shock reliability tests for watch movements. 

Since 2015, the chemical department strongly developed itself in terms of professionals, laboratory capacity and activities. The efforts made allow including a very significant amount of analysis methods in the accredited directory, mainly for regulated substances. 

After the necessary time for thinking and project study, the building of a new floor on the AMP 50 became a reality in 2017, the year of the 40th anniversary of the company. Inaugurated in July 2018, it provides additional surface and up to date facilities. 

Today, with a workforce of nearly 35, Laboratoire Dubois is an essential partner for many industrial sectors, while maintaining and developing particularly advanced skills in the watchmaking industry.