Legal monitoring

In recent years, a host of legislation (REACH, RoHS, etc.) has emerged, with the aim of preventing or restricting use of molecules harmful to consumer/worker health and to the environment. This is particularly true for Europe and the United States, but also in many other countries (China, Russia, etc.)

Setting up a working group specialised in monitoring this legislation requires qualified personnel and significant investment. So it is more rational to pool these resources between several companies in a sector, to obtain a partnership benefiting everyone.

Thus, a few years ago Laboratoire Dubois set up a technical-legal assistance department. The principle consists in forming a group of partners who split the expenses associated with this activity between them. This system enables those who wish to do so to enlist the services of a technical-legal department at a reasonable cost.

The partners enjoy continuous monitoring of changes to the technical-legal framework with regard to allergenic and toxic products, a monthly information bulletin, and if applicable specific e-mail alerts. They are also kept up-to-date on the laboratory's analysis capacities.