Wristlet and clasp tests

The reliability of wristlets and clasps is carefully inspected by a combination of several mechanical and climatic tests. For any type of wristlet, we perform mechanical tests (pulling-twisting cycles and tensile test) and synthetic sweat tests. 

For non-metal straps, these are supplemented by other specific tests:

  • Characterising leather and fabric straps: color, UV radiation, friction and wear tests, flexibility, moisture absorption and retention…
  • Characterising elastomer straps: IRHD hardness, flexibility, oxidising agents, ozone…
  • REACH & RoHS analyses, allergens and toxic substances
  • Accelerated ageing cycles, soiling, solvents and cosmetics tests

For metallic wristlets and clasps, other specific test are completing the ones described here above:

  • Wristlets and clasps ageing cycles, cumulating mechanical, climate and corrosion stresses
  • Controls on screw, pins and links
  • Measures of closing and opening forces on clasps