Watch-related and microtechnical controls

    Chronofiable® ageing tests

    Developed in the late 1970s by the Reliability Test Centre of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry Federation (FH), the...+++

    Multiples indirect shock tests

    On the wrist, the watch is subjected to frequent accelerations and numerous impacts of all levels of intensity. These mechanical stresses affect the...+++

    Accidental shock tests

    The wearer can sometimes drop their watch out of clumsiness. When it hits the ground, the watch will sustain an extremely violent impact, of up to...+++

    Electromagnetic field test

    The watch is exposed on a daily basis to a wide variety of magnetic fields (computers, telephones, magnetic locks, motors…). Depending on their...+++

    Watch-movement characterisation

    Watch accuracy, in particular mechanical watches, is an important criterion for user satisfaction. To this end, the movement characteristics are...+++

    Watch-functions ageing cycles

    The reliability of a product is generally determined by applying accelerated operating cycles, providing optimum reproduction of real conditions of...+++

    Watch water resistance test

    Watch water resistance is strictly tested as per the various points of standards ISO 22810 or ISO 6425. Other tests are also...+++

    Wristlet and clasp tests

    The reliability of wristlets and clasps is carefully inspected by a combination of several mechanical and climatic tests. For any type of wristlet,...+++

    Watch case tests

    The reliability of a watch case, particularly its water resistance and its wear and corrosion resistance, is the result of its design, as well as the...+++

    Watch-dials and hands tests

    The face of a watch, the dial – hands assembly may be altered under the effect of climatic or chemical stresses. Various tests are used to detect any...+++

    Characterising crystals and anti-reflective coatings

    The watch crystal is, along with the dial, an essential part of the watch's image. Its brittleness, scratch resistance and transparency are important...+++