Materials control

    Climate and corrosion tests

    Based mainly on watchmaking standard NIHS 96-50, these tests can be adapted to various metal items from the jewellery or leather goods...+++

    Wear, scratch and impact resistance tests

    Degradation of the visual aspect of a watch or jewel when worn is an essential perceived quality factor for the consumer. Surface alterations of...+++

    Coating thickness measurements

    Determining the actual thickness of coatings, surface treatments or diffusion layers requires a careful preparation by cross-section followed by...+++

    Mechanical and hardness tests

    Characterising mechanical properties and hardness is essential for designers of products, components or assemblies.  The mechanical test...+++

    Microstructure examinations

    Knowing the microstructure of a material very often makes it possible to understand the production or treatment process of the piece inspected. Its...+++

    SEM-EDX analysis of chemical composition of metals and ceramics

    Both a routine inspection technique and a powerful investigation method, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM associated with Energy Dispersive X-ray...+++

    Ozone ageing tests

    For a number of years, Laboratoire Dubois has been conducting in-depth investigations in the field of straps and components made from elastomer (more...+++

    Colour measurements

    Despite its subjective and personal sensory nature, colour can be evaluated numerically. Among the various colour representation models, we use the...+++